Jennifer Lind: Dartmouth College

September 4th, 2012

In this interview Korea Kontext speaks with Dr. Jennifer Lind, assistant professor at the Department of Government, Dartmouth College.  Well known for her work on North Korea and N.E. Asia security issues, Lind’s research interests includes war memory and international politics, regime change and East Asian stability, and the evolution of nationalism.  She’s also well known for a paper she wrote last year with Bruce Bennett of the Rand Foundation, which focused on what force requirements would be needed in the event of a benign collapse of the Pyongyang regime.

With her North Korea focus, in this episode we caught up with Dr. Lind about the DPRK government’s resilience and whether or not it will be possible for Kim Jong-un to make substantial reforms moving forward.  If you enjoy the podcast, you may also be interested in reading an additional Q&A with her on the KEI blog website, on the subject of inter-state apologies in N.E. Asia.

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