We Go Together: Ambassador Kathleen Stephens and General Skip Sharp

March 1st, 2019

As the complex negotiations between North Korea, United States, and South Korea continue, it is worthwhile to review what the current U.S. presence on the Korean Peninsula looks like. For this, we are airing a special episode of the wonderful podcast the General and the Ambassador from the American Academy of Diplomacy. The episode features KEI President and former U.S. ambassador to South Korea Kathleen Stephens (2008-2011) and General Skip Sharp who served as the commander of the ROK-US combined forces during the same time.

They will discuss the evolution and trajectory of the U.S.-Korea relationship and specifically, reflect on the twin crises of 2010 – when the North Korean military scuttled a South Korea naval vessel in March and then shelled an island later that year.

You can find more episodes from the General and the Ambassador series at the American Academy of Diplomacy website:https://www.generalambassadorpodcast.org

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