What the Korean Wave Brought to the American Table: Michael Hong

January 25th, 2019

Long before BTS and Psy made their debut, a handful of entrepreneurs were laying the foundations for what would become the Korean Wave in the United States. With Korean pop culture now a global sensation, Korean Kontext sits down with one of these pioneers - Michael Hong, CEO and Co-founder of the global content distributor Digital Media Rights.

In our discussion, Michael touches on the cultural and technological changes that accelerated the spread of Korean entertainment content. And also what the Korean Wave meant to him personally as a Korean-American from Queens, NY.

Michael Hong is this year's honoree at KEI's Korean-American Day. If you have not yet checked out Korean Kontext's interviews with our other honorees - Susan Kang of Soompi and Charlotte and Dave Cho of Sokoglam - we highly recommend you go back and listen. 

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